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Official Declaration of 2023 / 25th World Scout Jamboree bidding of KSA 2011-03-09

Official Declaration of 2023 / 25th World Scout Jamboree bidding of KSA



On the 2011 Korea Scout Leader¡¯s Gathering held on 25-27 February 2011, Korea Scout Association officially declared the 25th World Scout Jamboree bidding for the year 2023. The year 2022 is the 100th Anniversary of Korea Scout Association which couldn¡¯t be more perfect to host World Scout Jamboree in Korea.


The 1st Leader¡¯s Gathering ever in the history of KSA was enthusiastic enough to strengthen the soul of Scout among the 365 participants and made them be united in spirit to prepare the bidding for 2023/25th World Scout Jamboree.


On behalf of Korea Scout Association, Dr. Young Joong KANG, President of KSA, and Mr. Bok Hyun JUNG, Chief Commissioner of KSA, announced that Korea Scout Association decided to prepare the 25th World Scout Jamboree and this great news have been spread to all of the Scout Leaders across nation.


The 25th World Scout Jamboree bidding indeed was assented by the Leaders who were of one mind and their support, passion and dedication for Scouting are becoming even stronger and bigger.


This is consecutive great news in Korea Scout Association after the election of Mr. Simon Hang-Bock RHEE, Vice President of KSA, who has been selected as the Chairman of World Scout Committee at the 39th World Scout Conference in Brazil.


We believe this Gathering reignited the enthusiasm of the Leaders which will get hotter as the 40th World Scout Conference in Slovenia get nearer and reach its highest in 2023.

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