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Cub Scouts are aged between 6 to 12-year old boys and girls, and they are mainly elementary school students in Korea.
As they are old enough to join Scout activities by themselves so that they can develop their social relationship and improve themselves without parents assitance.

Cub Scouts Promise
Cub Scouts respects elder people.
Cub Scouts try to helps others.
Cub Scouts do good things every day.

Cub Scout Rank
Cub Scout rank is mainly based on the grade in school in Korea. When grade becomes higher, the rank is automatically promoted to next rank in Cub Scouting. It means Cub Scout rank is advanced every year when Cub Scouts participate in unit / troop meetings regularly and actively.

Cub Scout Program
Cub Scout programs are based upon Cub Scout Handbook, and Cub Scout Leader's Program Handbook. Most of activities are open during the unit or troop meetings.
When Cub Scout participates programs and completes its suitable course, Cub Scout merit badge is given. There are 10 different activity sections.

Activities Contents
Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Outdoor Nature Experience Outdoor activities Night Activities Family Camping
Art General Art Animation Cyber Art Photos
Excercise Excercise Games Sports physical training
Science Science Magic Organism Space Environment
Safety General Safety Health Care Outdoor Safety First Aid
Culture Event Digital Life Pop Culture Tradition
Community History Community Promotion Festivals Community Activities
World Our Country Neighbor Country Global Village World Scouting
Self Our Country Cooperation Character Personality
Scouting Sign Measure Hiking Camping