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Rover Scouts are...
Among leaders, Rover Scouts are especially the young adult leaders aged between 18 and 24. Most of the Rover Scouts are university or college students in Korea. They contribute themselves in units or troops by supporting unit leaders. On the other hands, they can organize their own Rover Scout Unit by themselves and do several challenging Rover Scout projects.

Rover Scout Committee
As the decision-making of young people has been important, roles of Rover Scout Committees are more emphasized. The objective of the committees is to set up and operate Rover Scout projects in conjunction with KSA. The committees are also both in national and local level. It becomes the bridge to recruit future leaders.

There are 1 chairman, 2 vice-chairmen, 1 treasurer, and 1 secretary in National Rover Scout Committee. Focusing on their interests and necessity, there are several sub-committees such as international, PR, financial, and Moot planning.

Rover Scouts are thoroughly involved in organizing projects from planning to the evaluation, especially implementing the decision-making process and acting as a young spokespeople.

They officially meet twice a year in Rover Scout Conference, and Workshop. They elect board members, review past projects, and discuss future plans by themselves at the conference. Training sessions are sometimes held for potential Venture-to-Rover Scouts.

Rover Programs
Rover Scout Moot
The Rover Scout Moot has started since 1982. The Rover Scout Moot is organized every other year under the leadership of the National Rover Scout Committee of KSA. Moot program is diverse, and it includes jamboree-like activities, forum-like discussions, and other official ceremonies.

C-J-K Rover Scout Co-operative Project
CJK Co-operative Project was begun to promote international relationship by helping others who need hands. The purpose of this project is to support the local community in under-developed countries and to develop Rover Scout by themselves complementing the theme 'We can change the world'.

This project has several main categories such as primary health care, exercise, and cultural experience. Social and friendship programs and official ceremonies are other part of this project.

International Challenge Team (ICT)
International Challenge Team consists of mainly Rover Scouts who have joined international & World Scouting events or worked as a service staff in places such as Kandersteg International Scout Center(KISC). Based on their experiences and background knowledge, the ICT will operate the organization by themselves and join international events as a organizer or service staff.